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Another chance to win Whole Wheat Bread Making eBook

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Why feed your family processed, dead and tasteless grocery store bread (that has little to no nutritional value and that is often loaded with unhealthy chemicals and preservatives) when you can easily make your own healthy, whole wheat bread from home for a fraction of the cost?

  • Maybe you think home-made wheat bread is too heavy and dense?
  • Maybe you think it’s bitter and doesn’t taste good?
  • Maybe you think it’s too difficult to do or that your family won’t like it?

Let this ebook show you how that list above is totally wrong!  You can do it, it will taste great and your family will love it (and be healthier too).   Here’s a peek inside:

Hopefully you can see how I’ve broken down the steps and techniques and you’re interested in learning more.  But for a while…there’s an extra perk!

  • Enter below through December 10th and you could WIN it this eBook !

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But if you don’t win – you can pick up a copy of the Whole Wheat Bread Making eBook  or there is a Paperback version if you prefer the real deal in at your finger tips.

Best of success to you in the giveaway and the kitchen!

Donna Miller

21 Responses to Another chance to win Whole Wheat Bread Making eBook

  1. My biggest challenge is figuring out how much dough to put in my various sizes of bread pans to make a nice loaf.

  2. My biggest challenge is getting the dough to rise enough so the bread is not so dense.

  3. My biggest challenge in bread making is density. I can nail the flavors perfectly but the density is always off just a touch.

  4. A challenge I have when baking whole wheat bread is getting a consistency my family likes.

  5. My biggest challenge since I use a bread machine most often, is how to get the loaf even on both sides. I have a zojirushi that I love but sometimes one side is smaller than the other.

  6. My biggest challenge is to make a loaf of homemade bread that will last me longer than one hour after I made it!

  7. My biggest challenge is keeping an evenly warm temperature in the house so the bread rises nicely before baking.

  8. My challenge is my bread machine. At times it rises and then falls. So it’s denser than I would like it.

  9. My biggest challenge is knowing how to bake from scratch without using box mixes. I would love to know how to make biscuits and breads with fresh milled WW flour.

  10. Thank you for sharing this wonderful giveaway! My biggest challenge is getting my sourdough to NOT taste too….well…..sour!

  11. The challenge I face with whole wheat is that so many people say they are gluten intolerant or don’t care for whole wheat. I have learned that the dense whole wheat bread was just due to lack of knowledge.

    • Hi Paula.
      This blog post may interest you: Gluten May not be your Problem

      Folks often don’t care for whole wheat bread because if it’s been made from the ‘bagged (aka DEAD)’ flour from the grocers shelf the trace amount of oil left in it has gone somewhat rancid thus it’s bitter. Freshly milled whole wheat is full of tasty, deep, wheat flavor (not nutty bitterness). Also bagged/dead store bought flour is far more dense and heavy than fresh milled.

      Thanks for the comment and entering the give-a-way!
      Best Blessings!

  12. I have just begun making whole wheat bread again in the last year and yes, more often than not, the bread is heavy and dense! How wonderful that you have a book that addresses these and other pitfalls! Thanks so much for this opportunity! 🙂

  13. I would be glad to receive this book on a topic dear to my heart. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I am trying to get my girls to think ahead to make sure the right bread product is ready for the meal.

  15. I’ve been making breads of various grains for years, but have found using freshly ground flour challenging.

  16. The biggest challenge is getting the right density.

  17. Elizabeth Ann McGovern December 6, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    My biggest concern is getting the grind of my wheat berries ‘just right’; so the bread isn’t so ‘grainy’.

  18. My biggest challenge is believing that I have enough time to grind my own flour and clean up.

  19. getting the dough to rise properly

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