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Intentional Back to Basics Living

If you share the desire with me to slow down, and intentionally get back to basics, you’ll want to read this.  I hear from so many people who want to simplify but don’t know where to start or feel overwhelmed because they feel like they lack skills to accomplish it.  If that’s you….do not despair.  Read on.

peace harmony tranquilityIn our extremely hectic world society has put much pressure on each member of it to ‘succeed’ and often at any cost.  What is the real cost?  Much of the time it’s to the detriment of our health, our family relationships and our peace of mind.

I stand just as guilty of frequently falling into the trap or being lured by what appears to be ‘success’ (be it defined by money, accolades, popularity or material possessions, etc) only to find much of it is not only empty but also fleeting and fickle.  Most of the time, peace, for me can be found by intentionally sorting through the vast and ever pressing modern opportunities and getting back to the basics of simply living.

It’s a joke in some ways, but reality in others, that I often head to the kitchen to make bread because “I knead therapy.”  No, that was not a typo-o.  I do KNEAD that bread making rythm and feel of the therapeutic dough, the smell as it bakes (there is science behind the smell of fresh baked bread releasing stress)  and of course the taste of home-made ANYTHING is always a deeper sense of satisfaction than packaged or convenience foods.

My suggestion is – sit quietly and find out where you’re overwhelmed.  Try to find ways to pare down the ‘to do’ list that drains you and put in some things that recharge you!

Here is a tool that may help you see some of the joys in simplicity.  It is only available for a limited time (5 days as of this posting) but is PACKED with advice and instructions from leaders in the area of self-sufficiency, homesteading, home-making, gardening and loads of back to basics skills. Click the banner to take a look and see all the topics!
It’s not really all just about ‘survival’ even though sometimes it may feel like we’re barely surviving at the current rate of life.  It’s REALLY about THRIVING right NOW in the joys of self-sufficiency and basics. Something in the bundle is BOUND to recharge your batteries and help train you for more intentional back to basics living.

Until next time …enJOY the journey!


2 Responses to Intentional Back to Basics Living

  1. I sure miss Kneading bread when I need to work something out. Best therapist in the world! Retirement has put us on a fixed income so we have to carefully grow most of what we need or make what we need. Our neighboring barter group is showing our group how to make solar panels and wind turbines. I’m just trying to get enough canning jars and lids to cover all our food storage needs. I get awesome food grade buckets with awesome lids free of charge. So we are moving to buckets instead of #10 cans for most of our dry storage. I get my pint jars from the Amish for $4 a case.

  2. Just wondering where does one get 2,000 lids for $54?

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