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WIN TWO EBOOKS PINTRESTTwo Bread Making e-Books are just the beginning, this giveaway is the kick-off to begin online classes!  So your feedback in the form below is very important.  But, why not give you a chance to WIN for sharing your input, right?  I think that’s only fair.  🙂

Book #1 is my Whole Wheat Bread Making Book – which is a step by step tutorial with all the tips, tricks and techniques for a successful loaf of tasty, whole wheat bread that your whole family will enjoy (even the ones who used to snub whole wheat)!

Book #2 goes beyond! The “Supreme Bread Machine” now takes you on a taste-bud journey where you can use the techniques you learn in the other book.  It opens up 155+ varieties of bread from savory to sweet from batter to yeast loaves.  And there are great tips on storage and troubleshooting.  As a BONUS , you’ll also receive a link to my Bagel Making Video – which will help you turn most all of these recipes into Bagels too!

Enter with these quick, easy steps for your opportunities to win these two easy to follow e-Books.

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Happy Entering and enJOY the Journey!

Donna Miller

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41 Responses to Giveaway – TWO Bread-making E-books

  1. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Awesome! I love making bread!!!

  3. My biggest challenge in making homemade bread is being organized and lacking the energy with my painful disabilities…thank you for this giveaway opportunity!

  4. I love homemade bread making, but find it rises before baking, then gets flat once baked. I also notice it gets pretty dry and dense once I freeze it or it sits on the counter for more than a day. Help!!!!

    • OOo these are good (and frequently asked) questions to overcome. In one (or both) of the books I do touch on that troubleshooting. BUT this is great feedback for the LIVE online classes! ~ Thanks! 😀

  5. You can never have too many cookbooks!

  6. I’ve learned so much from watching your videos on YouTube. You’re a great teacher!!!

  7. Nancy Rutkowski October 17, 2014 at 2:03 pm

    I have a problem with the bread not rising high enough. We love home made bread.

    • Also another good troubleshooting hurdle… answers for it are in the book AND you’ve given me another important topic for a LIVE online class ~ Thank you! So you’ll get some answers on how to deal with that soon …. 😀

  8. I’d like to start making gluten-free breads. We are not gluten-intolerant, but do want to cut down on inflammation and eat a healthier grain. We have a grain mill. I just don’t know where to start with which is the best grain to use and how differently we have to make it successfully to enjoy it regularly.

  9. cooking for one person is a problem. I get tired of the food before finishing it. Freezing bread is ok if you’re going to toast it, not so much soft,

  10. I love whole wheat bread, but when I make it, it comes out very dense and heavy. The flavor is good, but the texture is not good. I would love to learn how to make good wheat bread!!! I look forward to your classes. Thanks!

  11. I like the idea of “on line classes.” I don’t live anywhere near your location, and it would be great.

  12. Having a large enough block of time to raise the dough twice and be there when it is ready for the next step.

    I am the one that works with the soft wheat and as much trouble as I have making a loaf I never have problems with dinner rolls.

    What is your homestead geography like? Have you considered a class filled weekend with people camping in your back yard?

    • Camping at our homestead would not work too well… sorry 🙁
      But the rolls work with the soft white because they are smaller and thus the little gluten they may have (remember soft wheat doesn’t have much gluten) will rise a little in that smaller shape.

  13. I wish I had more time to come to classes and prep meetings. I learn so much from you and the other participants.

    Fall is the time to bake bread! I’ll do it!

    • HI ELAINE!! *waving*

      I wish you could come over more too! BUT come when you can it’s always nice to see you! Agreed! I really start my baking frenzy in the fall! 🙂 Hope to see you when you get a breather! ((((hugs))))

  14. LeAnn Edmondson October 17, 2014 at 4:20 pm

    I am getting all kinds of into making our own breads and crackers! We started grinding our own flour last year and love the difference (and cost savings!). Thank you for the chance!

  15. My biggest bread making challenge right now is big bubbles that form just under the top crust.

  16. Remembering to start the bread early so that it will rise properly.

  17. Love to bake bread and would appreciate help in making truly whole-grain loaves better. Thanks.

  18. My biggest challenge making bread is having it turn out moist or having it fall in the oven.

  19. Life is continual learning. The e-books sound very interesting.

  20. The hardest thing about making homemade bread was being deathly allergic to gluten. I hated gluten free bread. A friend had gone to Hungary & Poland last year and tried their lovely pastries and learned that all their grains are non-GMO. Last month our local Walmart started carrying Non-GMO flours and I tried it and it worked like a charm. My throat no longer swells shut so I’m not allergic to gluten I am allergic to GMO grains. So happy to be making real bread again! Having a simple piece of toast is wonderful! I will try my hand at making crackers soon too!

  21. Love cookbooks!

  22. My problem with bread making is consistency , one time I will have wonderful light whole wheat bread soft and delicious and the next time it will be ok but it is not so soft and has big holes in it , and seems not to be too good for making a sandwich. I would really like to get really good bread at least 90% of the time maybe that is asking too much.

    • Part technique part recipe. Along with the techniques, I have a ‘Fool Proof’ Recipe in the Whole Wheat Bread Making book… maybe you’ll win it! Also I can address this struggle in an online class. I’m others have the same issue – I did for a while.

  23. Waiting for the bread to get cool enough to cut and eat when first out of the oven.

  24. Wonderful opportunity, both for the e-class as well as the giveaway! I enjoy making my own bread and grinding my own wheat. Thanks for the opportunity to learn and glean even more from you.

  25. PS – my biggest challenge when making bread is knowing when it is fully done when getting it out of the oven. I like it light, but often make whole wheat bread so it can be a challenge for me.

    • Good topic to troubleshoot. Thank you for this input. I can have some answers on that but it’s hard to dialog through blog comments so I’ll address it in an online class to be sure! Much is need to be known such as altitude, pan, dairy or no dairy in the recipe… etc. But I’ll be happy to help!

  26. My greatest challenge in breadmaking is having whole wheat bread that doesn’t crumble 🙁

  27. Thanks for the awesome opportunity!

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