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In videos, recipes and general conversation around my home, when we say the words, “whole wheat”, we only mean freshly milled whole wheat.

When we say flour, we mean freshly milled whole wheat flour.

We just don’t use any other type.

Dead-Whole-Wheat-Bagged-Flour has oxidized as it has sat in the bag.  Also the miniscule amount of vitamin E (wheat germ oil) left after the majority of it being stripped from the grain during processing (for shelf life) has begun to go rancid. That is the bitter taste.

We have not used bagged whole wheat flour or bagged enriched white flour for YEARS.  However, when sharing recipes, we may often simplify by just saying whole wheat or flour, but we always mean flour that has been freshly milled at home from the whole grain of wheat.

Coming soon is a brief video explanation of WHY we use freshly milled whole wheat flour on our YouTube Channel.   Go subscribe to that channel to be more informed!

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