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Tips to Saving Money: Extra Egg Wash

Often a recipe calls for an egg wash of either the entire egg or the yolk to be beaten with a little dab of water and then brushed on top of the item to either enhance it’s browning, create a glossy coat or adhere some tasty toppings or all three!  But it’s inevitable…rarely is ”wash’ used in its entirety.

2013-04-29 13.06.01

The easiest fix I’ve found for this is to break out the trusty tiny containers, known as souffle cups, that hold salad dressing or condiments ‘to go’. They cost very little at a discount store and are found on the same isle as zipper baggies and such. Something between 50 to 100 of them come in a small bag with the lids.

They work great for portioning out other things as well. If you’ve not seen the video on portion saving things such as salsa – go here and you’ll see why I like these little babies.  But I digress…

2013-04-29 13.06.30

If you only had to use the yolk for the wash, put the egg white in the souffle cup and beat the yolk and water as usual.  Any surplus yolk wash can then be poured into the container with the white.  If your recipe calls for the whole egg, simply pour the extra egg wash into the souffle cup and cover.

To be sure these get used… simply put the filled ‘scrambled egg’ back into the egg carton.  It’s easily seen then to be added to a morning omelet or the next meal calling for scrambled eggs.

The only thing I would say is if the wash went on a raw meat for any reason…don’t save it…time to give the pets a treat (:


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