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I am regularly asked: “Why should I mill whole wheat and grains at home“?  It’s certainly an important question, and one that I asked myself when I first became interested in whole wheat and grains.   Now, I know why it is so important!

On my weekly radio show, I explore the topic and offer some insights.  We want to share that recording with you and hope you will offer your comments below.

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We certainly want to invite you to attend our weekly live show, “Encouragement in the Kitchen.”  If you are unable to attend, we record the shows and post the audio recordings in our radio archives section.

We always love to hear your comments.

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  1. Hi Kylee, if you have an insulated lunch tote, some cehcios of protein would be hard boiled eggs, individual size container of greek yogurt, small chicken breast, 1/2 turkery sandwich on whole wheat, add some nuts, fruit that is easy to carry like apples, plums – bananas are great for adding calories, a few whole wheat crackers(Kashi brand), or worse case option, a trail mix bar (again i prefer the Kashi brand, they use better products). Protien Powders are also convenient. Mix 1 scoop with water – i like the Chocolate flavor from Designer Whey (you can get a small can at Harris Teeter)Make sure you are eating a good breakfast also. If you need additional help, let me know!

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