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Initial Product Review of the WonderMix Deluxe

Here is the synopsis of my initial product review of the WonderMix Deluxe. Today felt like Christmas and my birthday wrapped into one as I unpacked the WonderMix Deluxe on my counter to ‘play’ with it.

When it arrived it was packed as a box within a box – very sturdy and all the form fitting cardboard one could ask for to hold things steady!

1211141413Ok so this box was inside an even sturdier cardboard box but what fun is it to see that plain thing.  🙂

Now I’m not going to get into all the features of this yet (that will come in some YouTube Videos and other reviews – besides you can read the list of features here.) But I am going to go into my take on the quality and functionality at first glance and set up. So…


WonderMill-Header-WonderMix(1)As I took out each component and inspected it for quality and durability I was struck how ‘natural’ the components all seemed to fit together. What I mean is, most of it made perfect sense even BEFORE I looked at the user manual (which I do suggest because of the great tips and recipes). It just ‘flows’ naturally together; how it all fits together will make sense to you.

1211141419The special introductory price of this actually is lower than the Bosch Universal, Electrolux or KitchenAid Professional (like almost half the price – yeah, I’m not kidding) but in my opinion, the quality is absolutely just as good if not better than those multi-use mixers. Even the regular price of the WonderMix Deluxe beats the prices of the other mixers that have far less versatility. 

Let’s look at the parts that come with the WonderMix Deluxe, shall we?

Yes…let’s …do that. (:

First the bowl and lid.  The bowl is sturdy, yet also slightly flexible, can mix up to 5 1/2 quarts (22 cups) of mixture! That’s about 5 loaves of bread being kneaded at once! 

1211141420cThe lid has both a splash guard and an easy smaller flour guide to put in items such as nuts, raisins or more ingredients as it mixes without risking a ‘spill’ or having to stop the machine





1211141419aMost important to me is how sturdy is the Dough Hook for kneading.  This one is heavy duty and sure not to disappoint as compared to some.  Even the design makes sense how the sides differ from each other for real-life kneading.  Also included is a small item called the Divider which helps make sure the batch of dough does not simply spin in circles around the driver as it mixes.  What an ingenious do-dad!


1211141420The Whip and Housing fit together like clock work. No seriously, like clocks work… deep tines and teeth so as not to be stripped when mixing with that powerful 900 watt motor (the most powerful on the market). In fact, all the notches and gears on the WonderMix are deep and sturdy. I find that to be the mark of a truly well made machine.


1211141422aThe blender has a sturdy body, a funnel lid (smaller hole for pouring) and a very tight seal.  The tines in the base of the blender do not need to be removed for cleaning – meaning the whole thing is very very leak proof!  Also the tines are not wimpy low-to-the-base ones, but seriously make an impact upon the food (or ice snow) you’re blending up! 


The fine folks at The WonderMill Company have even take into account some exterior features such as the storage for the cord and the ‘no walk’ feet on the base. These no walk feet are also on the side for when using other optional attachments that fit the WonderMix such as the Meat Grinder, Slicer Shredder and more.


In conclusion of today’s unpacking, inspecting event and review… it’s safe to say I can’t wait to play with this tomorrow!!  If you want to see reviews in action, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you should see some soon!

I’d like to thank the folks at The WonderMill Company for giving me the opportunity to review this fantastic machine. Years ago, when they first released the WonderMill Jr. Deluxe they blessed me with the opportunity to review it and share feedback as well.  This is one company that I can fully stand behind stating that they really strive to meet and exceed the needs of the public.  So again, I am humbled and honored with the opportunity to play with… I mean, review this fantastic new WonderMix Deluxe. 

Look for more updates and reviews about the WonderMix Deluxe as I enjoy my holiday baking more than EVER this year!  🙂

Best Blessings,

Donna Miller



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