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Make Whole Wheat Bread

Make Whole Wheat BreadIt wasn’t too many years ago that every morning moms around America would wake up early to put bread in the oven, or shuffle into town to the local bakery.  Homes across the country would have the unique aroma of freshly baked bread.

While we are all thankful for the convenience of store-bought and pre-sliced bread today, there’s still nothing that compares to the smell and taste of a wonderful loaf of home-cooked bread.

Bread baking is an art, one that inspired Donna Miller to help pass it on to other families through Miller’s Grain House and her new e-book, Whole Wheat Bread Making.

Making your own whole wheat bread has several benefits:

  • Simple enough for everyday, but delicious enough for special occasions. 
  • Your kitchen is filled with wonderful aromas. 
  • Making your own bread is healthier than preservative filled bread.
  •  Homemade bread tastes wonderful. 
  • Kneading bread dough is a great stress relieving exercise, and a great alternative to physical violence against the causes of your stress. (Offspring and spouses in particular.)
  • Delicious satisfaction following a job well done. 
  • There is a wonderful smell from the cooling rack. 
  • More economical than store-bought bread. 
  • Huge variety of uses from simple toast or sandwiches to gourmet dinners. 
  • … And did we mention the amazing smell!

This e-book walks you step-by-step through every detail of becoming a master bread maker.  It is filled with 40 pages of instructions, tips, detailed photos and diagrams showing you how to make a variety of whole wheat breads.  Whether you prefer hand kneading or using a bread machine, you’ll receive detailed instructions. You’ll learn how to make perfectly formed the loaves with bakery perfection, and do free-form baking without a pan. You’ll learn kneading and folding techniques.  It will help you choose the best bakeware and what to look for in a bread making machine. You’ll learn everything from setup to clean up. We teach you the proper way to slice bread without tearing. And… you will learn to make hoagie rolls, hot dog buns and hamburger buns.

Whether you want to make bread once a day or once a year, you’ll love this resource.

Donna Miller is a teacher, author, and talk radio host with two weekly broadcasts specializing in encouragement in the kitchen.

Donna’s e-book, Whole Wheat Bread Making, is available for instant download today for only $9.97. Downloaded to your computer, iPad or Kindle and get ready to bake.

Order the Make Bread e-book today! Order Here


Warning: Excessively awesome smells from your kitchen tend to attract neighbors, friends, and family. Miller’s Grain House cannot accept responsibility for the appearance of bread loving moochers. Possible side effects include: unwillingness to settle for store-bought in the future, improved health, random hugs and kisses from family members. Bake at your own risk!

Make Whole Wheat Bread
Make Whole Wheat Bread
Make Whole Wheat Bread

Make Whole Wheat Bread

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2 Responses to Make Delicious and Healthy Whole Wheat Bread

  1. Ahhh The Dude has to be corrected. Oye. Idiot. Obviously gletun free bread as you know is free of wheat, rye, oats and barley but is still BREAD! Here’s my suggestion: (I m a lazy baker so I dont bake my own GF bread, so I m passing on info I’ve gotten from other Celiacs.)That is a great yahoo health group and they had a sort of academy awards for GF products. I looked but couldnt find the file, but they voted on best bread machine. Join the group, post a question (ask for Joy, she ran the awards) and ask their thoughts on bread machines.I have heard good things from Celiacs about the Cuisnart one and the Sunbeam!I personally buy all m y bread premade! Im a preg mother of a 2 yr old, no time to bake from scratch!

    • Hi ‘Carlos’ preg mother of a 2 year old.

      Your comment has some merit on gluten free breads, yes…however the post you commented on was NOT about Gluten Free grains. Perhaps you missed that post? It is HERE. This post IS ABOUT WHOLE WHEAT BREAD MAKING.

      Also, just a few other things:
      1. I’m not a dude.
      2. Nor discussing gluten-free in this particular post.
      3. Nor has it ever been said on this blog that gluten-free is ‘not bread’…it is in fact bread, you are correct there.

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