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Next week on April 10th, 2012 Millers Grain House is delighted to be offering a Solar Cooking Class at the local fairgrounds.  Given the price of electricity and the need to practice greener, self-sustaining skills, the Global Sun Oven is becoming one of our new favorite cooking options.

The Dehydrating Prep Pack makes this a very versatile oven that does far more than slow cook!  It’s not your chintzy solar cooker.

The Global Sun Oven  bakes, broils, steams, dry boils eggs,  purifies water, dehydrates and can be used to sprout!  This is the only solar cooking device that we have found to reach baking temperatures of up to 400 degrees.  Most people know that to bake muffins or bread, it must reach and sustain this temperature. It does!

At the upcoming class we will demonstrate baking muffins and meat and dehydrating a variety of foods.  Each participant with get to play with the Global Sun Oven and see just how easy it is to use.  This is my favorite new toy, I mean, tool! So much so, that it feels like I’m playing with an easy bake oven!

The versatility and durability of the Global Sun Oven has made it to be my only recommended Solar Oven to date.  There really is no match to it.

Stop by here and see how my very first loaf of freshly milled whole wheat bread in the Global Sun Oven did! It’s the video in the lowest left hand corner.  EnJOY!

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