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Whole Grain Tip: Using the versatile Oat


Oat groats are such extremely versatile little grains!

oat groat
They can be milled by a grain mill (when still a whole grain) in to oat flour.  Although not ideal for making use of in yeast breads as the single flour, the flour can be included as part  of the required flour, yet oat flour can be utilized practically entirely as a substitute in various other baked goods not requiring  yeast.

oat groat steel cut


Oat Groats can likewise be utilized as Steel Cut Cereal (see picture at the right) and prepared as a thicker, chewier variation of oatmeal, included in a selection of warm dishes and baked/cooked goods.


rolled oats


They can be rolled with a flaker turned into the old made rolled oats that the majority of individuals know them by. (pictured to the left)



quick oats

Once rolled, they can then be chopped into finer pieces using the food processor utilizing the S-blade and turned into healthy Quick Oats!  See this video –



From one extremely versatile grain, you could make so very many different food staples. Such a great space saver for long term food storage space and a healthy and balanced option to fast fix foods with that contain harmful additives.



For more tips to how much variety this one grain (oats) can give you – you may enjoy this short radio show “Getting Grain Specific: Sewing some (wild) oats” – Just fast forward to about minute 10:00 because there were terrible technical difficulties… but there is still some good info!  (:  *embarrassed smile*

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