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What’s your #1 Thanksgiving Left-over?

ThanksgivingSorry. Nope. Turkey doesn’t count – it’s too cliche’.

We all have too much of that left over after Thanksgiving, but it is often a planned left-over food.  We know it’s going to happen and we have a plan or two for what to do with all that extra turkey. Even if we get sick of it, we have plans.


What I want to know is:

  • What other food ends up as a surplus at your home after Thanksgiving?
  • What do you have in abundance that you really don’t know what else to do with other than to reheat it…again and again and again?
  • What will you have that you’re likely going to throw out if you can’t stand it anymore in it’s current form?

We want to help you save money and your sanity, but we need to know where you need the help.

So if it’s a side dish, a dessert, gravy or anything other than turkey that graces your table at Thanksgiving still lingers far too long after the guests and holiday are gone – we want to know about it!

We want to help you address the mountain of mashed potatoes, or the cranberry sauce that seem to take up residence in your refrigerator and spill, hide and eventually grow off-spring long after the Thanksgiving holiday has run it’s course.

Please take the quick survey below …

Then in the days following Thanksgiving, come back here for some ideas on how to turn your left-over items into completely different foods.  Better yet, sign up for the newsletter and we’ll send you a note when the recipes are up.

You don’t have to face a kitchen full of the same old same old same repeated stuff that gets nuked and reheated to oblivion.  It can all get used!  We’re here to help!  But we need your help first.  Please take this short survey!  Thank you!

Best Blessings for a Peaceful Thanksgiving!


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2 Responses to What’s your #1 Thanksgiving Left-over?

  1. I love to make extra mashed potatoes and make different soups with them as a base.

  2. I make freezer meals and can excess meat. After we all snack on it for 3 days there is very little ever left. I always boil up the bones and make broth to can up also. Nothing goes to waste in our house!

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